Farewell to Iceland, Hello Seattle!

On July 12, 2012, we said farewell to Iceland, farewell to our year-long overseas adventure, and boarded a plane bound for Seattle:  home.

We would never, ever be the same.


MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5581 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5585 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5586 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5589 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5590 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5596  MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5601 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5606 MAS-2012-07-12-IMG_5610  MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5619 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5621 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5622 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5624  MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5627 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5629 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5631 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5635 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5640 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5641 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5642

We made it to Seattle unscathed, but tired.  Seattle was in rare form — just for us, I’m sure!  The sun was out, the air was warm, and the clouds put on a spectacular show.  After meeting GranMary and GranDurkee at the airport, we took the ferry to Bainbridge and drove up to Sequim.  Our house on Vashon Island would be occupied until August 1, so we were homeless for a few weeks.

MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5645 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5646  MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5648 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5652 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5653  MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5658 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5659 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5660 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5667 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5678 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5679 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5681 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5682 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5682 - Version 2 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5683 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5686  MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5689  MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5696 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5697 MAS-2012-07-13-IMG_5698

It felt good to be home.  BUT, our adventures were far from over…

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