The Drive.

We made it.

From the Puget Sound to the Mississippi River.

2000 miles, 3 days, over 30-hours of drive time.

Two 5-year-old kids in the back seat.

One of those kids puked her guts out and had the runs for the whole trip!  Joy.

Seriously, we were so proud of the twins on this trip.  They were both cheerful, cooperative, polite, and relatively easy-going despite long hours of driving, and one whole night spent in the car.  They are such rockstar travelers!

Highlights of the trip:

Driving through the mountains of Northern Idaho and Western Montana in gorgeous sunshine.

Oohing and aahing over the Super moon (well, almost) and clear starry night skies above the empty interstate in Wyoming.

Watching the glowing reddish dawn light grow over the horizon on the South Dakota prairies.

Recognizing the smell of Minnesota (yes, there is a smell!) at a rest stop near Jackson.

Watching the opening of Wizard of Oz while skirting around a couple of nasty Thunderstorm cells in Iowa.

Arriving at our destination and seeing the kids get so excited to see their Nana and Grandpa!

Next up:  3 days of rest and preparation for England!

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