A long drive…through wind, rain, dark, and mountainous terrain!

After Brad brilliantly repaired the front axles of the beloved campervan, we were ready to set off and drive south….AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!  We left Sequim at 6am on December 20, and by 10:30pm, we had made it 892 miles to Livingston, CA, a little south of Modesto. A nasty storm blew in off the Pacific that day, and affected basically the whole coast from the tip of WA down to San Fransisco, so we were treated with strong winds and rain for almost the entire drive.  Some of the many mountain passes through Oregon and Northern California were quite stressful! But we made good time, and the van did great.  Good ol’ van! And the kids even managed to get in some homework…

After a quiet night in a motel 6 in Livingston, we set off for Joshua Tree NP.  Thankfully, the weather was much better for driving, and the temperatures were warmer down here!

After passing mile after mile of citrus and almond tree farms, we stopped to buy some local produce.  HOLY COW, the citrus here is AMAZING!!!

We arrived in Joshua Tree National Park just in time to check-in at our campsite and visit the main visitor center.

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