It’s Sabbatical Time AGAIN!

It has been 7 years since our year-long sojourn in the UK and Northern Europe. Now, Brad is on sabbatical again, but this time, sadly, we only have one semester plus the summer to play with. Holly must teach during the spring semester, so we need to be at home in the PNW during February-early May. SO…

After a couple of bleak, rainy, grey winters (we DO still love our PNW home, honest!), we decided we should spend some time this winter far south of home, enjoying larger doses of sunshine and mild temperatures. That has led us to spend the holidays in Southern California, and explore the desert for a few weeks.

We left home on December 14….and the adventures began right away!

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1 Response to It’s Sabbatical Time AGAIN!

  1. timfrost433 says:

    Can’t believe it was 7 years since you were in Kent!

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