Sequim for Early Christmas

We were off! We cleaned the house, packed as lightly as possible, got a huge amount of advance homework for the kids (thanks, teachers!!!), and we hit the road!

The plan was to go to Sequim, spend a day and 2 nights, have early Christmas with GranMary and GranDurkee, and leave first thing on Sunday morning for southern climes.  We had booked a campsite over 1200 miles away, in Joshua Tree National Park for Tuesday night…

But then we discovered a major issue in the campervan that had to be fixed before getting any farther from home.  The boot on the driver side CV joint had failed, and there was a noise, and well…it would have been dumb to drive on without replacing it.

SO…Brad, being the fix-it guy that he is, immediately got on the case to find parts and get the repair done.  Luckily, we were at his parents’ home where we could use the garage, we had a car to get around on while we were there, and lots of support!  Well, long story short, it took much longer than we’d hoped to get the parts, so we decided to stay in Sequim for a few days longer than anticipated.  But hey – we were on vacation! No big deal.  We’d spend the time wisely and enjoy the extra family time.

Early Christmas still happened on our second night in Sequim.  The kids were excited to trim the tree, and we all enjoyed an evening of gift exchange and holiday fondue.

A highlight of our gift opening: new PJs from Nana and Grandpa!

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