Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary

On our first unplanned day in Sequim, we got outside for some nature time.  Back in September, I attended a fabulous weekend workshop with biomechanist Katy Bowman and wildlife tracker Doniga Markegard at the Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary in Chimicum, WA.  I wanted to show Brad and the kids this amazing place, so here was our perfect opportunity. Chimicum is only a 40 minute drive from Sequim, and the weather didn’t look TOO bad, so off we went.

This place is sacred to the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, and we learned that the high hill in the center of the sanctuary has been around since long before the Cascade Mountains existed. Archeological evidence has showed it to be a lookout point for Mastedon hunters long, long ago.

There is a steep slope to scramble at the top, since much of the trail has been blocked by fallen trees or washed away by slides.

At the top we were rewarded with a huge other-worldly rock formation, full of caves. It was peaceful and beautiful, and we endeavored to explore the site quietly, with reverence for its long history.

We continued up a separate trail that took us toward Anderson Lake State Park, and a beautiful view.

We had used up all the good weather for the day, and as we descended, the wind picked up and the rain began…off to find some lunch!

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