Death Valley: Golden Canyon and Red Cathedral

On our first full day in Death Valley N.P., we opted to do a loop hike through Golden Canyon and Gower’s Gulch, sometimes referred to as the “Badlands Loop” route.  It was about a 6-mile hike by the time we had finished, and the kids were pooped, but did great and really enjoyed it (except for the long incline in the middle…) Luckily, the pit toilet at the start of this trail was one of the few that was open and maintained during the shutdown.

This was one of the sites we know they did some filming for Star Wars, so the kids kept a lookout for familiar views.

After clambering through some narrow spaces and climbing a bit, we arrived at Red Cathedral, a wall at the end of the canyon made up of deep red colored rock.  We were able to climb up to a high point and view the valley beyond the canyon, although it took some courage and some steady footing!

After carefully making our way back down from our perch, we turned up the trail and made our way over to Gower’s Gulch.

Charlie wasn’t too fond of the incline as we had to traverse over a ridge.

Gower’s Gulch

Our trail opened up at the mouth of the gulch to reveal an amazing view. Great finish to a spectacular hike. One of the best we’ve done as a family.

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