The central event of this trip, for Charlie and Flora, was a visit to Legoland. They begged for this opportunity, and well, we love Lego, so we thought we had better check it out. Well, it’s REALLLLLY expensive, from the entrance ticket prices to the hotel fees to the food/snacks/ice cream/trinkets they sell in the park. BUT, it was also really fun, and quite a beautiful place. We had a wonderful time, and the kids thought that everything was awesome. (see what I did there…?)

We spent 2 days in the park (just about right to do it all, minus the water parks that were closed for the season), and we stayed the night in between in the Legoland Castle Hotel.

This was my favorite thing in the whole park: watching a bunch of kids “drive” in mini lego cars, pretending to be testing for their “Driver’s License”. SO hilarious! None of them knew how to maneuver, which side of the road to drive on, or how to deal with oncoming traffic. I could have watched them for days!

There were dozens of scenes from the various Star Wars movies recreated in lego, and it must have taken YEARS for some of these amazing scenes to be built!

Then there were the lego cities.

This Deep Sea Adventure ride was particularly genius. You board a “submarine”, which sits in the water such that the part you sit in is completely submerged, so it looks as though you’re in a submarine. You search for treasure or artwork or gems as the thing you’re in is propelled through the watery course, and you push a button on your personal screen each time you find something. Meanwhile, there are actual sea creatures swimming by, like sharks and rays. Very fun, and a big hit with the kids.

Then there’s Castle Hill, where the restaurants and shops and rides are all themed.  They were playing awesome fiddle tunes and Renaissance music most of the time, so obviously, this was my fave part of the park.

The dragon is the “big” coaster, and the kids had to ride it a few times.

This was the ride where they give you laser guns and you shoot targets as it drives you through various scenes.  Charlie loved it.

This one, the Technic Coaster, jostled the bejesus out of us, so we only did it once.

The bionical ride (basically a tilt-o-whirl)

Ninjago was a big hit, too, and not only did they have a cool ride where you have to use your arms to shoot elemental weapons at your enemies, but they had a really cool 3-D show that included smoke, mist, wind, and seemed like you were part of the action.


The Castle Hotel was really something. The whole thing, including every wall and door, is decorated to look like a lego castle. There are talking wizards and jesters all over the place, with indoor slides, a jail, and a courtyard with a playground and a pool (we didn’t use the pool – it was chilly!) There was a dance party in the courtyard that evening, and a special show for the kids at the restaurant (called the “Dragon’s Den”) Charlie and Flora LOVED this place. In our room, which was “Dragon and Knight” themed, we had stained glass artwork, several huge lego creatures, including a dragon, and the kids had their own room with bunks, a tv, a bin full of legos to play with, and a special nightlight that lit up the ceiling with stars. And when we arrived, they were given a scavenger hunt to complete. They had to go around the hotel and identify certain things in order to figure out the combination to a safe in which were special lego sets for them to keep. Pretty cool. All in all, it was a very memorable experience.

Day Two started with a buffet breakfast in the hotel. The kids ate SO MUCH FOOD!

Thanks, Legoland, for all the fun!

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2 Responses to Legoland!

  1. Tim McGraw says:

    If you all will be coming through San Francisco, please plan to stop and spend some Tim Time!

    • boazrichards says:

      Egads! We forgot you were in the area now! We had initially planned to spend a day in San Francisco, but by the time we got there we were soggy and tired and too pooped to stop. Plus, after all the camping we were physically and psychologically unfit for civilization. Guess you’ll have to come see us now instead…

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