San Diego Zoo Safari Park

One of the other highlights for our kids on this trip was a visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

I have always wanted to visit this place. I’ve seen many nature documentaries that mention the conservation and breeding work that is done here, and the huge open spaces they have for the animals. And Flora still has her mind set on working with animals one day, so I knew she would love this place. And Charlie, well, he loves cute furry things, so we can’t go wrong.

This place did not disappoint. We saw some truly beautiful animals, very close-up, in large areas that seemed to accommodate their needs much better than your average zoo. The grounds were beautiful, with plants on display as well, and the buildings were also interesting, made to look like authentic African or Australian or Asian architecture.

Highlights of our visit included seeing a Siberian Tiger up close in a training session (they train them to do certain behaviors in order to check their teeth, draw blood, observe their underbellies, etc for medical reasons), watching a cheetah run, seeing a Joey in a kangaroo mum’s pouch, hearing the lions roar, and seeing a baby elephant! It was amazing to see all the free roaming African animals on the tour through their larger habitat.

But the MOST amazing thing we did while at the Safari Park was a “Jungle Ropes Safari”, a zip-line and tree-canopy rope course. This was SO MUCH FUN! We all loved it and want to do it again, so we’ve already discovered where to go when we get home. I wish we’d gotten some photos, but we had to put everything in a locker before even getting suited up in our harnesses. So you’ll have to imagine the fun we had swinging through the trees on steel cables, climbing over obstacles, through tunnels, over swinging timbers, across rope bridges, and up and down ladders and over zip lines. We all had sore arms the next day.

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