From Morro Bay to Big Sur

After one of our most restful hotel stays of the trip in Morro Bay, and a chance to do our laundry, we moved on up the coast, planning to make it to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park by the end of the day.

We stopped at an elephant seal rookery along the way and were amazed to find thousands of elephant seals right up on shore, just feet away from us! They were LOUD, and HUGE! It was truly amazing to be there and watch them interact with one another. It was mating and birthing season, and we were told that 2 calves had been born just that day, one only 2 hours before we arrived. The calves made noises that sounded like human screams, and it was hard not to laugh the they would open their mouths and emit muppet-like sounds. But the big boys of the group, they sounded menacing, and their deep gravelly voices carried a long way.

We stayed and endured the cold, windy, misty weather for a long time in order to take in this amazing site, then kept moving up the coast.

The coastline started to look quite dramatic when we neared the Big Sur park lands. We stopped long enough to hike a little way up to Salmon Creek Falls, a beautiful water fall in a rushing stream just near the road. Then we tried another trail nearby, but it started pouring, so we gave up and went back to the car to dry off and warm up. Fog had rolled in along with the rain, and the scenery was eluding us.

Well, it rained pretty much the rest of the day, and setting up camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park wasn’t too much fun. But at least we had a warmish, dryish place to sleep!

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