A Day in Monterey

Our good weather karma had worn out, and we were looking at the last rain-free day in a while, so we took it as an opportunity to explore Monterey on foot. We got up and marched down the hill from our peaceful campsite toward the San Carlos Cathedral, an historic building, and part of the original Presidio in Monterey.

We didn’t go in, since there was a church service in session when we arrived.

Next, we found the biggest playground we’ve EVER SEEN!

The kids had a fun time playing here, but we had much to see, so after a bit, we continued to the old Fisherman’s Wharf…

We could hear (and see with binoculars) the sea lions hauled out on the pier under the current and working fisherman’s wharf, just across the bay, and we could see and hear them covering the breakwater in the distance as well.

From the end of the pier, we had a great view of several sea otters, foraging and eating, and rollicking about in the calm waters just off the wharf.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in that spot, under the watchful eye of…

We finished our day with a walk through Cannery Row (more of a touristy candyland than a historic site these days) and visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium office to purchase our tickets for the next day. Then we rode the trolley halfway back to our campsite and hauled our weary selves up the hill. It was a good day.

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