Monterey to Wine Country

We were glad to spend a rainy day in the aquarium. After leaving Monterey, we drove up to the other end of the bay and stayed at a state park (I think it was “South Beach”, but not sure) and it was one of the worst camping experiences of the trip. Not only was it rainy (which we were prepared for, both practically and spiritually), but our reserved spot was taken when we arrived and we accidentally chose a spot that was right next to a HUGE group of noisy, disrespectful, annoying middle schoolers. Oy. AND, there were devilish raccoons in that campground that snuck up on you and surprised you. NOT GOOD! We high-tailed it out of there the next morning.

We drove past a lot of beautiful scenery on the way to San Francisco, but it was so rainy and foggy and gross, that we didn’t take many photos.

But then we arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. That was pretty cool.

We drove through this horrible rain to a wholly unremarkable RV park in Calistoga, in California Wine Country. Hoping to make it to at least one winery the next day for a little taste…

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