Cape Lookout and Tillamook

Our final yurt stay was at Cape Lookout State Park, and we decided to stay 2 nights there so that we could explore Tillamook for a day, which was just about 10 miles from there.

Cape Lookout is one of 3 notable capes on a short stretch of the Oregon coastline, and it is a beautiful place to be sure.

We spent some time hunting for agates at the beach, which we’ll post about later.

We were so glad to have a dry evening so that we could have a campfire! Although we were accosted by some VERY bold raccoons. Sadly, none of our photos of said fuzzy raccoons were acceptable.

Our day in Tillamook was rainy and dark so we were happy to have some things to do inside. First, we had breakfast at the famous Tillamook Creamery!

This place is AMAZING! We ate breakfast there, then spent a few hours at the local public library (which was gorgeous, but alas, we took no photos) and we returned to the creamery for lunch and ice cream! We also took the self-guided tour of the cheese factory upstairs in the new swanky visitor center. This place has CHANGED since the last time we were there, about 15 years earlier! It’s expensive, but also fun. And delicious.

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