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Faversham: a Walk About Town

We spent a warm day in Faversham exploring the town and getting some exercise.  First:  the shops. Faversham is a market town, and the market is a fun, colorful, bustling experience.   Heselden Hats and General Miscellany was a fun … Continue reading

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Goods Shed Beer Night, I Shall Miss Thee

I attended the Bottle Shop’s beer tasting again at the Goods Shed on the 3rd.  Sadly, it was the last I’ll be able to experience before we have to leave the area, but it was really a spectacular lineup of … Continue reading

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Leuven: The Food.

We arrived in Leuven late-morning.  Definitely during coffee hours.  So the first thing we did was to find a good coffee place.  Luckily, there was one right next to the train station.  And it was some goooooood coffee!  And of … Continue reading

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Bruges: Lunch, Beer, Chocolate, Beer, Dinner, and Beer

One of the reasons we wanted to visit Belgium was to eat food. Frites, waffles, chocolate, beer, mussels, cheese, bread, chocolate, and beer.  Did I mention beer? Brad is a bit of a beer snob (I mean connoisseur), and used … Continue reading

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Bruges: Chocolate

Bruges has clearly become the world’s capital of chocolate porn.  Seriously.  I knew it was known for chocolate (as is Belgium in general, of course), but I had no idea how omnipresent and how numerous the chocolatiers had become in … Continue reading

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Easter with Emily and Kiri

We were so glad to welcome Emily, a former student of mine and recent grad of PLU, and Kiri, Emily’s cousin who just graduated from SPU.  They seemed the perfect travel companions and had a great itinerary planned, including London, … Continue reading

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Beer, Glorious Beer

On the first Thursday in March, I (Brad) joined up with a fine gentleman by the name of Tim Frost for a beer tasting at the Goods Shed.  (You all know Tim from such posts as this and this.)  The … Continue reading

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