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Christmas in Whitstable and Canterbury

Santa came. Much excitement and joy ensued.  (and grogginess from tired but happy parents) After a couple of hours spent opening gifts from Santa and exploring the contents of our stockings, we had a delicious breakfast of apple fritters (fried … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

The holidays have been truly magical in our sweet English seaside town and our cozy little house.  It has been the most social and least stressful Christmas that I think we’ve ever had.  Funny how much more enjoyable this time … Continue reading

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Rabbit Pie and Christmas Cookies

This week was noteworthy for us as almost all our evening meals contained some kind of local game. We had roast wild duck (roasting recipe came from Hugh F.-W. at River Cottage) with an improvised soy/orange sauce and soy/sesame steamed … Continue reading

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Catching up on Christmas Cooking

I’m enjoying a lazy day at home with the twins.  They are snacking and listening to Winnie the Pooh, narrated by Steven Fry.  SO…it’s the perfect time to do a catch-up post. I’ve been busy with cooking and baking projects … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Abroad

On the Thursday that was Thanksgiving, America’s iconic celebration of food, family, and the blessings of life, we almost forgot to mark the day.  Thursday came and went and was full of activity, but it seemed like just another Thursday. … Continue reading

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Mama got Krafty in the Kitchen

I think I have to sheepishly admit that I’m becoming the Suzy-Homemaker-kind-of-mom that I never thought I would or could possibly be.  I guess that’s what I get for quitting my job(s) for a year and throwing myself into a … Continue reading

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Settle, North Yorkshire

The little market town of Settle in North Yorkshire is one of the most charming and beautiful places I’ve ever been.  It is full of sturdy limestone buildings, stunning hillside views, and exceedingly friendly people. It’s nestled in a particularly … Continue reading

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Our (attempt at) Traditional English Christmas

When in Rome, right? Since we’re spending the holidays in England, I’ve decided we should try all the most iconic of England’s traditional Christmas treats this year — homemade whenever possible. Items on the agenda: Christmas Pudding (duh!) Christmas Cake … Continue reading

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The Apple Festival at Brogdale Farm

On Saturday we took the train to Faversham (only one stop up the line).  It was such a perfect fall day — cool, but not too cold, and very bright and sunny.  It was the kind of day that was … Continue reading

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More Food Deliveries and Comparison Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted of the joy and excitement I felt after receiving the delivery of our first big online grocery order.  Well, I’ve been looking into other forms of food delivery as this idea has really caught … Continue reading

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