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Iceland: Þingborg Ullarverkstæði

On our way home to Selfoss from Eyrarbakki, we discovered this amazing place. Þingborg (pronounced Thingborg) is a wool lover’s paradise.  It is an old house repurposed as a shop and workshop and a place for wool processing.  It is just a few … Continue reading

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A Trip Around Orkney (Day 6)

It was a rough night in our fancy Orkney digs. Charlie was up several times in the night. None of us got much sleep, and the sofa bed that Brad and I slept on was quite soft and we both … Continue reading

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Bruges: Chocolate

Bruges has clearly become the world’s capital of chocolate porn.  Seriously.  I knew it was known for chocolate (as is Belgium in general, of course), but I had no idea how omnipresent and how numerous the chocolatiers had become in … Continue reading

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More Food Deliveries and Comparison Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted of the joy and excitement I felt after receiving the delivery of our first big online grocery order.  Well, I’ve been looking into other forms of food delivery as this idea has really caught … Continue reading

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A Long Walk to the Goods Shed

Today I had an itch to go for a walk.  A long walk.  So I piled the kids into the push chair, packed some lunch, and headed out on the Crab and Winkle Way toward Canterbury.  Brad took the bus in … Continue reading

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Delivered Groceries (or: My World Has Forever Changed)

I ordered groceries online for the first time and they arrived yesterday.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it.  I think for some reason I had it in my head that it seemed like a lazy shortcut, an extra … Continue reading

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High Street Charity Shops

I love high street charity shops. I love that there are a whole slew of them on our high street, all within about a 5-minute walk. I love that they all sell clothes, books, and toys (with one exception). Who … Continue reading

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The Blean, the Beach, and a Boot Fair

We weren’t sure what to do today.  We ended up having an adventurous, eventful, and beautiful day. We began our day by starting a (rather long) walk on the Crab and Winkle Way (a foot/bicycle path connecting Whitstable and Canterbury). … Continue reading

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