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Geek Nirvana

On May 1st, I tagged along on a “Staff Away Day” with faculty from the Canterbury and Medway branches of the University of Kent.  Our destination was the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.  Bletchley Park has mythical status … Continue reading

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It’s About Bloody Time, AT&T!

Back in July of 2011 I complained about our phone frustrations: Before leaving the US, Holly and I both owned iPhones. When we purchased them in the summer of 2009, AT&T was the only carrier offering them so we had … Continue reading

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Our Bookshelf: The Children

We have been discovering many British authors and illustrators of children’s books, and learning more about some classic favorites as well.  This post is meant mostly as a way for me to remember some of the books we have enjoyed … Continue reading

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Going RAW

Warning: If you’re not a camera geek, this post will bore you to tears. It’s aimed at those who might be on the fence about shooting in RAW format. In January, I finally decided to go RAW. My camera lets … Continue reading

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The Expat Curve, and a few Rants

I guess it’s been a while since we’ve blogged. We’ve been rather busy, actually. Not with fun “experiencing history and culture” stuff, but with the icky stuff that comes with moving into a house and dealing with landlords and property … Continue reading

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Phone Frustrations

Holly does a wonderful job of describing our various adventures, but they all come out sounding like we’re chasing rainbows through fields of daisies every day. Stay tuned for some posts about what life with a pair of travel weary … Continue reading

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Connection Woes

I wrote an earlier post about the challenges of staying connected while traveling, but thought we had things working. Until they stopped working. Turns out that despite assurances to the contrary, the SIM card I was a sold in the … Continue reading

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iPad + Camera = Blogging with Photos(?)

I’d done some research before we left, and learned that we could buy a SIM card at the airport that would let us get our iPad online: Vodafone has a prepaid card with a 5GB data plan for less than … Continue reading

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