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It’s About Bloody Time, AT&T!

Back in July of 2011 I complained about our phone frustrations: Before leaving the US, Holly and I both owned iPhones. When we purchased them in the summer of 2009, AT&T was the only carrier offering them so we had … Continue reading

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Our Bookshelf: The Children

We have been discovering many British authors and illustrators of children’s books, and learning more about some classic favorites as well.  This post is meant mostly as a way for me to remember some of the books we have enjoyed … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley goes to Canterbury

Here’s another post for friends Melissa and Lucy.  Flat Stanley’s been having adventures again! The other day, Stanley accompanied Brad into Canterbury for some errands.  They rode the bus together (a double decker…and they’re sitting on the top level). Here … Continue reading

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Ely Cathedral

I was in Ely for the Caritas Chamber Choir tour on Sunday, April 22.  We sang a concert in the cathedral at 2pm that afternoon, in one of the most central and beautiful parts of the building: the presbytery.  This … Continue reading

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Caritas Chamber Choir: Oundle, Cambridge, Ely, and Canterbury

I spent last weekend traveling and singing with Caritas Chamber Choir.  We went to Oundle (in Northamptonshire), Cambridge, and Ely (both in Cambridgeshire).  It was a fabulous time filled with really gorgeous music (Bruckner, Gabrieli, Dering, Brahms, Rheinberger, Mendelssohn, Palestrina, … Continue reading

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The BUMP in the Night

Last week, while Brad was away at Missenden Abbey for his research team retreat, a strange thing happened on Island Wall. I was speaking to Brad on the phone, after the kids were in bed (near 11pm, actually), when I … Continue reading

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Flat Stanley Comes to Visit

Melissa and Lucy, this post is for you!  Thank you for sharing your Flat Stanley project with us.  We’ve been having fun with him! Before we were able to color him, Flat Stanley arrived in England at Missenden Abbey in … Continue reading

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Vikings 1, Anglo-Saxons 0

The Vikings are coming!  Well, actually, they already came.  Danish Vikings started things off by attacking Lindisfarne in 793, and within 100 years they were starting to colonize England.  (Their first wintering-over spots are within a stone’s throw of us … Continue reading

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Work Retreat at Missenden Abbey

We don’t talk about work much, here at Boaz-Richards Expeditionary HQ. This blog is primarily for us, as a record of our experiences that we can look back on in the years to come, and there’s not much in the … Continue reading

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Caritas Chamber Choir

I have been singing with this fun, fabulous chamber choir since March.  It is a constantly-changing group of singers, some professional, some semi-pro, some avocational, but all very smart and talented musicians, and all fun and friendly people. I saw … Continue reading

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