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Death Valley: Badwater Basin

After our epic hike through Golden Canyon, we drove a little south to visit Badwater Basin, the lowest point in Death Valley NP and also in North America.  The basin, which is covered in salt for miles around, lies 282 … Continue reading

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Death Valley: Golden Canyon and Red Cathedral

On our first full day in Death Valley N.P., we opted to do a loop hike through Golden Canyon and Gower’s Gulch, sometimes referred to as the “Badlands Loop” route.  It was about a 6-mile hike by the time we … Continue reading

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Christmas in the Desert

We headed to Palm Springs for Christmas, and have enjoyed a week of warm weather (highs in the 70s!), interesting hikes, and relaxing down time. Some highlights of our time here have been swimming in the pool, opening gifts from … Continue reading

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Joshua Tree National Park: Hiking in the Mojave Desert

Joshua Tree National Park is remarkable for many reasons…one of which is the fact that in the park the desert transitions from the Mojave, where the Joshua Trees grow, to the lower, hotter, drier Colorado (part of the Sonoran).  We … Continue reading

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A long drive…through wind, rain, dark, and mountainous terrain!

After Brad brilliantly repaired the front axles of the beloved campervan, we were ready to set off and drive south….AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!  We left Sequim at 6am on December 20, and by 10:30pm, we had made it 892 miles … Continue reading

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Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary

On our first unplanned day in Sequim, we got outside for some nature time.  Back in September, I attended a fabulous weekend workshop with biomechanist Katy Bowman and wildlife tracker Doniga Markegard at the Tamanowas Rock Sanctuary in Chimicum, WA. … Continue reading

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Sequim for Early Christmas

We were off! We cleaned the house, packed as lightly as possible, got a huge amount of advance homework for the kids (thanks, teachers!!!), and we hit the road! The plan was to go to Sequim, spend a day and … Continue reading

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