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Iceland: Some Parting Images…

Before we say goodbye to this most refreshing, enriching, and inspiring of places, how about a few parting images…?

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Iceland: Bessastaðir

After our morning at the horse farm, we headed up toward Reykjavik for our final adventure in Iceland. We said a final farewell to beautiful Selfoss, drove back through Hveragerði, and on up out of Suðerland and the coastal plain, … Continue reading

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Iceland: The Horse

One of the most iconic images of all-things-Icelandic has got to be the Icelandic horse. From the United States Icelandic Horse Congress website: “The Icelandic Horse has a thousand year history. Purebred since the 10th century, the Icelandic Horse is renowned for … Continue reading

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Iceland: Hveragerði’s Geothermal Park

The Geothermal Park in the center of Hveragerði is truly a unique attraction.  It is really a park, where people can gather and spend time outside.  But this is not your average park.  This park is full of volcanic hot … Continue reading

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Iceland: Hveragerði

July 11, 2012 This was our penultimate day in Iceland.  Our last full day before returning to the USA. We wanted to see some countryside, and we wanted to get some exercise. We decided to drive up the road a … Continue reading

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Iceland: Húsdýragarðurinn (Reykjavik Family Park and Zoo)

July 10, 2012 This day was our 13th wedding anniversary.  We had spent our 12th anniversary in Iceland and again we found ourselves in this wonderful country, celebrating our marriage.  We couldn’t think of anywhere we’d rather be at that … Continue reading

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Iceland: Skógasafn (The Skógar Museum)

Not only is Skógar the happy home of an amazing waterfall, but it also boasts one of the most interesting and extensive folk museums in Iceland.  Outside, there are many traditional turf houses, some nineteenth-century wooden houses, a wooden church, … Continue reading

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